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We specialize in the supply of quality & finest purebred Goats, Blackhead Sheep, Doper Sheet & Merino sheep from East African regions.


There are several key factors to consider when deciding on an international livestock export company and we pride ourselves in main attaining these methods in ensuring quality supply of all our livestock consignment.

Process 1 – Livestock Sourcing

As a buyer of livestock’s, Najibs Livestock International is well placed to ensure efficient and effective supply of high-quality livestock by guaranteeing to source the right livestock at the right time all year round to our clients’ requirements. We achieve this by maintaining a close relationship with all our suppliers, farmers and other stakeholders.  

Process 2 – Management of Livestock

It’s our aim in giving assurances to all our customers through animal welfare and management that comes before all else. As a livestock importer, Najibs Livestock International will ensure that whoever we partner with meets regulatory and compliance requirements at all stages of the export process. We strive to meet these standards while also ensuring the safe and comfortable transport of livestock to our customers destination.

Process 3 – Delivery

Whilst the delivery of livestock into sea port or airport is the final stage of the export process, all Najibs Livestock International livestock shall be loaded and delivered in optimum condition to client’s requirements. We can provide technical & documentational support and guidance to optimise livestock health during this period until final boarding of animals to vessels while adhering to the strict health regulations pertaining to the respective Government and Maritime Safety Authority.

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